Quality Transmissions

Our exchange transmissions are totally rebuilt to the highest standards.
They are stripped right down and rebuilt using OEM or OEM quality parts when available.

The latest modifications for reliability & longevity known in the industry are automatically built in. This information is sourced from contacts around the world.

Direct From Our Workshops

Our fully equipped modern workshops enable us to carry out transmission diagnosis on all ages of vehicles.

All modern transmissions are controlled by on board computers, often now found contained within the transmission. The computer controls when and how the transmission operates and the oil pressure within the transmission and has ‘adaptive learning’. If these adaptations are not reset in the correct way, the replacement can change gear with firm shifts (if the pressure is too high) or slip and burn out if the pressure is too low.

If you are not sure about the correct procedure or equipment needed, we strongly recommend that we carry out the removal and refitting of the transmission to avoid any issues caused by adaptations.

There are some transmissions that we will only supply and fit as they are so sensitive to the adaptations.

Manual Transmissions

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Marine Transmissions

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